Questions about chastity

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about male chastity. With years of expertise in the industry, our team of chastity experts answer your questions.

A chastity cage is a device that encases a mans penis. The cage is often crafted from an inflexible material such as steel so as to prevent the man the ability to have an erection. Chastity cages commonly will have a lock allowing someone else such as a partner to have control over when the chastity cage can be removed.

There are two main components

Putting on a chastity cage is actually very easy and can be done in around 1 minute.

First, ensure the penis is in a flaccid state. Trying to fit into a chastity cage when erect is almost impossible. If you find it difficult to remain flaccid, consider using a cold press to help you return to a flaccid state.

You will then want to fit the base ring. This is the ring which sits behind the testicles and acts as an anchor to the cage. It is also the component which stops a chastity cage being removed or falling off when fitted. To do so, slip the flaccid penis through the ring, then one by one, push each testicle through the ring too. Remember to do this firmly though gently as the testicles are extremely sensitive.

Once the penis and both testicles are through the ring, it will feel more secure sitting against the body. You then take the cage component and place it over the head of the penis and gently push downwards onto the penis until it covers the entire shaft.

While you do this be careful not to pinch your testicles as you align the cage to the ring. Once the cage and ring are in contact together (like a jigsaw), then comes the fun part, inserting the lock! Put the lock or padlock into the cage to connect the ring and cage and turn the key in order to seal the chastity cage shut.

It's as simple as that and takes no more than 2 minutes!

Chastity does not typically cause pain for the wearer of the chastity cage. Wearing a chastity cage suppresses the erection of the man and therefore as the penis may try to expand within the limits of a chastity cage it might cause discomfort but this would not ordinarily be painful.

Some chastity cages are designed for masochists to cause pain to the wearer. These cages often include spikes on the chastity cage pointing inwards.

Most cages though as designed to be smooth and are for containing the penis, not hurting it.

A chastity cage works by ensuring the wearer cannot achieve a full erection or full stimulation of their penis. This is done by securing a chastity cage over the penis and testicles of the wearer. This is usually done as part of a power exchange so that the key holder can have control over if, when, and how the wearer of the chastity cage is able to experience sexual pleasure.

The key holder is the person who retains the keys to a chastity cage. For example if a man wears a chastity cage as part of a power exchange dynamic, the person who holds the key such as a partner, retains a great deal of control over the wearer as only they are able to release the wearer of the chastity cage.

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