We now ship directly from our new USA warehouse. Order times are between 5-7 working days for free shipping and 2-3 working days for Express shipping.

For orders to Canada, we ship from Europe and times are typically 2 weeks.

Our orders around Europe will average 10-15 days.

Typically the next working day. If orders are placed early on they will often be dispatched the same day (USA exclusive).


Certainly! We do not write our name, brand out packaging etc. All orders are sent in a plain package with only the recipient details on it. No logos, or reference to the content at all.

Also yes. You will likely see 'CC' on your credit card statement or bank account.


We aim to dispatch fast so if you wish to cancel your order before it is sent then please get in touch via email at hello@chastitycages.co

If we haven't already processed your order then we may still be able to cancel for a full refund.

In short we do not accept returns. As our products are in lets say.. intimate contact with our customers, it is not a product that we can accept returns on.