Chastity FAQs


Men are often excited by the idea of giving up control. Frequently this will be played out by relinquishing sexual control to their partner utilising chastity to reinforce the dominant and submissive roles.

A chastity key holder is someone other than the wearer of the chastity cage who holds the key on behalf of the wearer. Sometimes the wearer will relinquish all control to the key holder and they will not be able to take the chastity cage off without the approval of the key holder.

Often people are interested in trying something new in the bedroom such as male chastity but too nervous to address the subject with their partner. We suggest asking them for a moment of their time to exchange ideas on how to spice things up. As chastity involves giving control to their partner, that is a good way to introduce the subject by asking if they would like to explore power dynamics together.

You can wear a chastity cage for as long as you wish. If the cage is enclosed then remove for washing to maintain hygiene. Checking for rubbing against the skin too should ensure that you stay healthy whilst wearing your chastity cage.

Wearing a chastity cage will undoutedly make you more attentive to the needs of your partner. Denial from your own orgasm can have powerful psychological effects, making you more willing and submissive.

Chastity Cages

Chastity cages are designed for locking over the genitals of a man. Once the cage is locked into place it prevents the full physical affects of arousal by blocking an erection as well as well as preventing the wearer touching their genitals.

Wearing a cage can be fun but also challenging. There will always be a temptation to take it off in order to deal with feelings of arousal. This is where a key holder is especially useful.

Chastity cages are safe to wear provided you fit them properly and allow for sufficient blood flow to the genitals.

Provided you purchase a chastity cage that fits properly, it will be comfortable for every day wear. Ensure that the ring of the cage is the correct balance between snug and comfortable and the length of the cage doesn't compress your penis too much and you will find it comfortable to wear.

This depends on the individual as we are all different. We suggest a cage which is not too restrictive, made from a high quality steel.