About Chastity Cages Co

We welcome you to Chastity Cages Co, the premier retailer of male chastity devices online. We store and send our stock primarily from our warehouse in the USA.

Whilst based in the USA, we have been producing and sending chastity cages all around the world since 2018, locking up cocks all around the globe. Over time we saw how popular male chastity was becoming as more and more individuals and couples became aware of its benefits within their relationships and sex life.

It is our ambition to make chastity accessible to everyone with high quality chastity cages available at affordable price points. To that end we have cages starting from little over $30, ensuring that everyone can get involved in chastity and see if it is for them!

We welcome you to browse our extensive range of cages, with sizes ranging from comfortably large to tiny flat chastity cages and we are sure that there is something for all. As always our team is happy to help and advise so feel free to reach out to us any time at hello@chastitycages.co

If you are starting out then check out our useful guides to chastity which include questions like how to measure for your cage, or how to put your cage on for the first time. We also regularly post articles and reviews over on our news section so keep an eye on that if you are interested in the latest cages.

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