Locktober chastity challenge

Locktober chastity challenge

It seems about everything has a month dedicated to it these days, but we guarantee none of those ideas are as great as Loctober, the chastity equivalent and of Movember guaranteed to get your heart racing!

Difficulty level = Medium +

The concept is pretty straight forward, lock yourself or have your partner lock you for the entirety of October without release from your cage until the end of the month.. fun huh?!  As great a challenge as that is, if you are just venturing into chastity for the first time we would recommend that you don't start off with this challenge.  As many people will tell you, don't go in guns blazing, chastity is a learning curve.

For those of you who are going to partake in Locktober, consider the challenges of locking your penis up for a month beyond the increased levels of frustration. First and foremost make sure you are going to be comfortable! Our steel chastity cages are mostly designed for comfort so be sure to check out our designs. Beyond comfort consider hygiene too.  You'll want an open bar design rather than the more closed off designs for this particular challenge in order to allow both airflow and make it a heck of a lot easier to wash yourself in the shower.

Whether you undertake Loctober to challenge yourself or show devotion to a partner, once that locks clicks shut on October 1st, you can take comfort in the knowledge that many thousands of people around the world have just undertaken the same challenge as you and you sure know the satisfaction of completion will be worth it.

Good luck!

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