Some rules for chastity

Some rules for chastity

Keeping your chastity slave in line.


With chastity being an potential component sexual power exchange within a relationship, when one person is in command there often will be a set of rules enforced by that dominant person. 


 For them it can be a source of arousal to apply that power in the form of rules, potentially with retribution should a rule be broken. On the submissives side of things, being forced to comply to a set of rules can often enhance the sense of submission and equally a source of arousal. 


 So what kind of rules tend to apply when it comes to male chastity? Well here are 8 of our favourites...feel free to test them out and let us know. 


1. The submissive must ALWAYS ask permission to cum. Should the submissive ever not ask and cums without permission there will be severe punishment. 


2. When released from chastity, the sub must, at the very least, have their hands restrained so as to be unable to touch themselves. 


3. He cannot ask when he is going to have his next orgasm. This should be left to the discretion and guidance of the dominant. 


4. The submissive must always be ready to provide pleasure to the dominant without expectation of reciprocation. 


5. When the cage is removed for hygiene purposes, showering must be done with an open door so the submissive can be observed before being caged again. 


6. Should the submissive cum whether from milking, ruined orgasm or full orgasm, they must consume any and all of their cum. 


7. The keyholder can request domestic chores to be fulfilled by the chaste submissive who must comply to earn rewards. 


8. On weekends in the home, the submissive is not permitted to wear clothing and must remain only clothed in their cage for the entertainment of the keyholder. 


Of course the final rule is the cheesy 'make sure you have fun' rule. It's a bit of acliché but it's worth remembering in those rare situations where consensual fun can stray to something more abusive to remember to stay safe!

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