Why do men wear chastity cages?

Why do men wear chastity cages?

Are you here for the first time wondering why a man would ever lock up his prized anatomical possession?  It's an understandable question.  Maybe you've heard the terminology and searched it out, perhaps arriving here is just largely down to chance, whatever the reason, yes it's a thing and there is a surprising amount of people exploring it!


Curiosity is a powerful thing.  When a seed starts to develop in the mind, sooner or later that itch needs scratched.  Exposure to the mere concept of chastity and the various dynamics that run hand in hand with it will for many, start them on a journey, eventually ending in trying on a chastity cage.


When that day arrives, it may be a sensation overload, mentally and physically, it has the potential to be a transformative experience.  But what exactly takes people from curiosity to keeping it on.  What is the motivation and benefit of wearing a chastity device?


For those in a relationship it's often about creating a higher level of devotion to your partner.  The powerful concoction of chemicals in your head will take you from being nonchalant to devoted chaste partner. This particular effect can be a great source of bonding in a relationship, strengthening a deeper bond with your partner who is now also your keyholder.


Sometimes it's about control.  The dizzying psychological effects of somebody else having complete control over you is a draw for many a man and can quickly become their #1 kink.


Then there are those who self lock. Often for the excitement or even a sense of wanting to push themselves.  Testing how long they can last through iron will before letting themselves out.  Sometimes even just to study what happens when they are locked up.  How the feel, what they think.. all in the name of science right? Either way we couldn't be happier for anyone who gives it a shot.  


Some will even use it to avoid sexual distractions. Too much masterbation?  Then lock it up, force yourself to dial it down for a while.  Whatever your reason we'd recommend trying it at least once to see what all the fuss is about.


Recently we were featured in popular mens magazine MEL.  Their writers had heard about chastity and started investigating it's growing popularity in 2019 and why so many men are becoming so interested in it. We offered a little insight into just how popular chastity has become.  If you want to read the MEL Magazine article then click here


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