The Legendary Bird Cage

The Legendary Bird Cage

Meet the Bird Cage, the chastity cage that started it all.  A cage designed not to contain a parrot or canary, but rather the male member.  Over the years the bird cage has become synonymous with male chastity, it's form and distinctive bars are what many people would think of when they hear chastity cage.

It's success reflected in its frequent use in the porn industry, it's popularity amongst beginners to and long time participants of the chastity lifestyle alike, there is little denying that it's made a bigger impact to male chastity than any other. 

The cage itself is fairly lightweight despite being one of the larger cages out there.  Available with the popular sizes of 40, 45 and 50mm rings, most find the length of the cage a generous fit.  This really helps a lot of wearers get used to having a cage on whilst for the more well endowed it allows them to enjoy chastity too.


A steel chastity cage known as the bird cage


It's an amazingly comfortable cage, with the bars running length ways as opposed to the more common laterally positioned steel bars.  The positioning of the bars allow for a great deal of flesh to be on display...thus more potential stimulation possibilities. 

This steel chastity cage appeared back in the mid 2000's and as soon as data was tracking people searching for male chastity in search engines like google, the bird cage was close behind.  It's remained a term intrinsically linked to Google searches the world over for chastity cages and continues to do so with every day that passes.

Interestingly the growth of people searching for male chastity online has grown and grown at an amazing rate since the early 2000's and this in itself is another thing we will look at in another post.

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