this man is thinking about trying male chastity, are you?

Thinking About Try Chastity?

Are you here because you have seen mention of male chastity and become curious? Perhaps in pornography, a conversation or an article about female led relationships? Whatever the reason, you've become curious enough to end up on this page which means you're looking at at chastity cages and more than likely imagining yourself trying them.

Chastity marks a significant shift in your sexual lifestyle and even your relationship.  Often the motivating factor is the thrill of power exchange with your partner, chastity offers a chance to pass a significant amount of control to your partner, often seen as the ultimate submission.

If you are still at the early stages of the thought process, don't force it.  If you are the one with the idea of buying a chastity cage and thinking about suggesting it to your other half rather for the first time, it can be intimidating, but don't stress!  Like any conversation based around sex or really almost anything in life, being forthright will always be best.  Understandably though there may be those amongst you who have been in a more vanilla relationship and the thought of suggesting making such a change to your partner fills you with fear, so gently introducing the idea might be preferable to going all in on the first conversation.

What to do when you are thinking about male chastity.

If you are not already in a relationship with a clear power dynamic we would suggest approaching it from a gentle, low pressure conversation.  Suggest that you would like to add a little spice to the relationship, that you find the idea of your partner having more control interesting, perhaps even exciting. 

On the other hand, it's always ok to self explore.  To test out an idea and find out how you feel about it. Maybe you're intrigued by chastity but really not sure.  Again, don't feel you need to go all in.  Purchase one of our inexpensive cages and test it out.  See how it feels, consider how it changes your thoughts around your sexual life and give yourself time to adjust.  Perhaps at that point you feel ready to bring the conversation.

Every day we receive emails from customers who have ordered and then doubted themselves mere hours later.  It's completely normal.  Interestingly, after further thought they usually continue with their order, but the consistency with which we see this fear response from people reinforces the extent to which dipping your toe in the chastity lifestyle is a considered choice but ultimately one you shouldn't be afraid to try.

Check out our collection of chastity cages ideal for a beginner.  Some of these are inexpensive plastic cages, whilst others are steel with a simple and comfortable design.  You can view those chastity cages here.


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