steel chastity cages for Loctober

Your Guide To Locktober 2022

A metal chastity cage to wear during Locktober 2022

What is Locktober?

Locktober is a month celebrating male chastity.  It's a popular month in the kink community and fast making its way into more typical relationships too.  The aim of Locktober is to wear a chastity cage for the entire month of October, not removing it, or at the very least not having sex or masturbating for the full month, earning your fun only once you have completed the month.

Whilst challenging it can be a lot of fun too.  Playing with the control of your desires is difficult but it also rewards the participant with a sense of achievement.

On October 1st, your chastity cage goes on.  On October 31st, your cage can come off, if your partner allows it of course!

Who can take part?

Everyone! Like we alluded to, it's a month that's becoming increasingly more popular and anyone can get involved! Whilst chastity was once a hyper niche BDSM activity, it's become popular in relationships too where a power dynamic exists between the partners.  The submissive males in these dynamics would wear a chastity cage to please their partner or as an act of submission to their partner who in turn would hold the key to their chastity cage on their behalf.

Of course Loctober is not exclusive to people in relationships or who have kinky play partners, single people can challenge themselves too.

some great chastity devices for wearing through Locktober

What do you need for Locktober?

Ultimately just a chastity cage! You'll want a well made chastity cage that you can wear throughout the month in various settings.  Perhaps you want one subtle that you can wear under clothing when you are out and about during the day or maybe you want a more heavy duty cage to wear when you come home purely within the confines of your own home.

Either way, come October 1st, you need a chastity cage! Fortunately you are in the right place.  Chastity Cages Co is located in the USA and offers worldwide shipping on the internet's best selection of chastity cages.

We have cage for beginners, so if this is your first Locktober, have a look at our beginners chastity cages, which have features such as slightly larger sizes for comfort, or adjustable rings to help you test different sizes with only one cage.

We also have a massive selection of devices for those with a little more experience with the smallest chastity cages around or thick steel chastity devices, all designed to keep you securely locked up for the entirety of October.


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