Instructions on how to put on a chastity cage

How to put on a chastity cage

So you're going to wear a chastity cage.  However this decision was arrived at, you'll want to know how best to get started and put on your chastity cage for the first time.  Here is our helpful guide to putting on your chastity cage.


1. Prepare the body and mind

We would recommend shaving your genitals before you put your cage on.  You will find the cage more comfortable and be less likely to snag any hairs when adjusting and getting used to wearing the cage.

Clean your body thoroughly in the shower especially under the foreskin as when the cage goes on this will be slightly more difficult to clean.  This process also helps with the mental process of preparation and allows you to be present in the moment.

Now consider the agreement that is being reached here.  Whether it is with yourself or with a partner, there will be goals to be achieved and rules to be adhered to.  

Make a contract with yourself.  What cage, for how long, are you allowed breaks or is it 24/7?  Get these questions out the way before you lock that cage and you will avoid unnecessary doubt.

When you are entering into a chastity agreement with a partner, they will now become your key holder.  It is important that both of you are on the same page about what this entails before starting on your chastity journey and that is why a chastity contract comes in useful.  We won't detail a chastity contract too much here as we have more information and a sample one over here.


2. Put on the Ring

The first thing to do when putting on your chastity cage is fitting and aligning the ring of the chastity cage.  You want to end up with the ring sitting comfortably behind your penis and testicles.  Sounds easy but it can be a little awkward getting all parts through such a small space.

First hold the ring close to your body, and push each testicle through the ring one at a time.  You may wish to pinch and pull the scrotum with one hand in order to grip better while you hold the ring close with your other hand.  Once both testicles are through the ring get ready to bring your penis through the ring too.

Ensure your penis is fully flaccid as it will need to be at its minimum size and most manoeuvrable to complete this step.  Bend it downwards essentially like you are trying to thread it through the eye of a needle.  Manipulate it so the head comes through the ring, sitting just above the testicles and the pull it through so that it sits as you see in the picture.  

Take this opportunity to ensure that the top of the ring is aligned properly and pull it closer to your body so that it hugs the line of your body comfortably.  If you feel stimulated in this moment then relax and let it wear off before moving on.


Instructions for putting on a chastity cage


3. Put on the cage

The ring is on, you're relaxed and you're ready for the next big step. Take a little lube and put it over the head of your penis. Then take the cage and line it up with your penis.  Start to place the cage over the head of the penis whilst attempting to keep the pins of the cage roughly aligned with the holes in the ring.

As you start to push the cage gentle on further, the lubricant will help the head of your penis travel up the cage towards the top. Should it be sticking at and point you can press it through via gaps in the bars, or, if there isn't gaps in the cage, use your pinky finger to push in from behind and keep it moving into the cage.

Be careful as you near the ring with the cage that you do not pinch your skin with the pins of the cage! Lastly line them up and push in so that all aligning pieces on your cage such as the pins and locking mechanisms all align and overlap perfectly.


Your guide on putting on a chastity cage


4. Locking it and passing over the keys

Are you ready to make the last step? Whilst the initial stages were very much more physical, this part will require some mental resilience too.  Your cage is now on, albeit being held together only by you.  It is time to secure it and remove your will from the equation.

Your lock may take a few different forms though the most common are the old-school padlock, and the integrated locking tube.  The one you see pictured here is a locking tube where a small copper lock is inserted into the cage before the key locks it into place.

This part of the process may be undertaken by you or a partner.  Perhaps the partner wants to watch you lock and then give up your key or perhaps they prefer to take control from this point.

Take the key and secure the lock into place gently to ensure you do not bend the key or damage the lock.  Remove the key and give it to your partner.  If you are playing solo then it's time to put it somewhere safe such as a lock box or out of sight in a wardrobe.  Now that you have your cage successfully on, revise your predetermined goals from chastity whilst you adjust to the physical sensation and mental shift of having a cage attached to your body.


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