The Most Popular Chastity Cages (2020)

Small chastity cages that are locked


2020 has been an interesting year so far, often for the wrong reasons.  But to get away from the doom and gloom of the headlines that are currently taking centre stage, we thought our headline would make for far more interesting reading.

As the team at Chastity Cages Co have seen since we started out, the demand for male chastity is constantly growing.  The topic in general seems to be gradually breaking into wider culture and more and more couples are taking to it as a way to add a new dimension to their love lives.

When people come to us at Chastity Cages Co, the choices are wide and varied.  From different materials, to lengths and designs, there is no shortage of chastity cages to choose from.  However there are certain cages that tick all the boxes for a large number of people.  Here are our top 3 most popular chastity cages of 2020.

lockdown extra small chastity cage

3. Lock Down

A robust and extremely short cage.  Those who nominate the shortest of cages time and time again go for Lock Down.  Measuring in at a mere 1.3 inches in length, it's a solid steel cage with plenty of breathability, very subtle under clothing.

The integrated lock is a popular feature meaning there isn't a traditional padlock rattling around in your underwear but rather a long lock paired with long key provide a secure mechanism within the cage. 

 tightly packed steel chastity cage for men

2. Tightly Packed 

Stainless steel, clean design, great price.  Tightly packed is a great all rounder suitable for those who are experienced in all things chastity and those who are starting out.  

The curved ring shape is extremely comfortable, generally fitting well to the form of the body whilst securely gripping around the testicles of the wearer.  The flat bars press reassuringly against the member of the locked whilst the spacing between them only allows for the most minimal of stimulation.

Tightly Packed measures in at 2.6 inches making it a mid length cage, one that doesn't let you forget you are wearing it, but gives you a little room to get comfortable in like a one bed apartment with good floor area!

By the way...  if you like this but want something shorter then there is a smaller version of this cage here!

 Tiny nub chastity cage for men

1.  The Nub

And the #1 this year so far is The Nub, possibly our most restrictive cage.  It goes some way to showing that when our customers are being locked up, they really are being locked up without any leeway. 

This 1 inch device is designed to be comfortable during extended wear, with a larger than normal hole at the end giving room for the wearer to use the bathroom without too much disruption, whilst the curved shape of the rings fit well to the body.

The rings to this cage are a little different to others so we ship it with all 4 sizes included so you can find your best fit. The cage itself is made from a resin that retains rigidity and protrudes backwards beyond the ring meaning an even tighter fit that isn't going to come off without a fight!  And so it's a combination of these factors that make The Nub our best selling chastity cage of 2020!