A chastity cage waiting to be assembled

What happens when you submit to chastity?

A chastity cage waiting to be assembled

What happens when you let go? Not in merely a heat of the moment, briefly acted out faux submission, but actually let go of control through chastity and be open to the effects and benefits that it brings. One could argue that to reply let go it cannot merely be for a brief moment in time, but true submission requires something greater.  So when you align this idea against the very real outcome of male chastity, then what will happen?

When you put on that chastity cage in the context of a relationship, rules are set and accountability exists.  So whether you wear your cage at certain times or 24/7, your submission has started but the benefits aren't necessarily felt fully at that moment.  This is where chastity diverges from other BDSM practices.  Unlike the crack of a whip felt on the skin, or pain in your knees when you crawl towards your partner where the effect is immediate and fully realised, chastity lingers, grows and evolves as an ongoing practice. 

It is worth commenting that this does not detract from the continued psychological effect of other BDSM practices, a mental continuity can be present across all them all depending on how they are administered, we must recognise that chastity presents a different interplay between physical and mental to the point where it differs in effect from anything else.  Nor will I explore the link between effects and benefits too heavily here, as they are something rather personal to each and every one of us.  Is chastity one of the purest forms of submission? Possibly.  Is this something every man with submissive tendencies should experience, learn and understand? Certainly.

So looping back to the original question in the premise, what happens when you submit and allow yourself to be open and vulnerable to discover the benefits of chastity?  We had a fascinating discussion with a customer who presented their opinion on this very subject and we felt it represented the aspects, feelings, complexities of chastity very well, we hope you enjoy.


You have touched on many points that I can validate as exactly the potential that being locked in male chastity will bring to life in a man. All you really need is to have a goal, and focusing your mind and a little effort, you can find success in achieving it.

Whether it is to shift your focus away from sex to make you more well adjusted around women you find attractive, or to be more productive in your life by avoiding having your member be the central focus of your life, or a number of other reasons, chastity caging can and will help you succeed.

As you pointed out, guys initially may have a hard time wrapping their head around the idea of not being in control anymore, even if they are self locked. The commitment must be there first, or it won't work, even with a partner.

So, I started out in chastity because I had to abstain from sex as a result of my wife's health. I didn't know what to do for years. Finally, I learned about cages. I thought, why not, it couldn't hurt. I was willing to try just about anything to keep from spiraling into a self centered, self indulgent lifestyle.

I was in for the greatest surprise. Keep in mind that I had suffered for years trying to maintain self control. It was a difficult period of my life, to think that I didnt know how long this was going to last. Days turned into weeks, months, years, with no end in sight.

So, I went into a chastity cage not knowing if I would ever get out. That was an intimidating thought. But, after getting myself fully acclimated to be locked up continuously, a few months went by, and I thought WOW. I began to have mental clarity I did not have before about my situation. I began to enjoy the sensuality you get from the cage on a constant basis.

After all those years, in just 4 months, I found my panacea. A switch was flipped in my brain that craved being in chastity more than anything else. More than self pleasure, more than sex. It was life changing.

My wife's situation has gotten no better, and she is completely asexual. She is the love of my life, and I love HER, not what she can do for me. So, though it was tough to fight off resentment when the situation arose, choosing permanent chastity, with no release, as my new lifestyle, eliminated all of that. Now, I was more interested in just focusing on her, and her needs.

It has been years now in a cage, I am content, she is relieved, because my needs are mow being met by my cage, and she never has to worry about resentment or guilt.

I am in permanent chastity, it only comes off for a quick cleaning and back on, but that's rare, because I carefully chose my cage type. I have been in it now just about 4 and a half months, since I removed for cleaning, and I have no plans to do that anytime soon.

I am living the best life now. Ironically, being caged has freed me from the frustration, resentment and sadness that was tearing me down, bit by bit.

Thanks for teaching the message to others that the benefits of chastity caging are there for the taking, and are very real and rewarding.


One of the reasons I like this interaction so much is that it demonstrates chastity as immensely durable.  A kink that is more than a mere kink.  Here we see the potential of it to equalise parts of a dynamic which could at points be seen as negative.  If we had someone talking about how their wildest fantasies were let loose through chastity from a position of a relationship already deeply rooted in BDSM practices the outcome is the same.  It equalises.

Here we see the most commonly reported benefit from wearing a chastity cage, the increased devotion to the partner.  It might take some time, 4 months in this case, but our customer identifies this moment so clearly, an unmistakable point in their journey when they make a profound mental shift.

So where does this fit in with your journey?  Well perhaps you are new just starting out and have the unenviable task of communicating your interest to a partner who has never even heard of a chastity cage!  Perhaps you are a little further along and already have a favourite cage.  Making the choice to submit to chastity is a big moment and like our customer mentioned, a commitment.  

We would certainly recommend that you dare to try because the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow is potentially massive, potentially life changing and we would love to hear from you when you find it!

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