The Best Chastity Cages 2022

The Best Chastity Cages 2022

We know from our interactions with customers that choosing a chastity cage is not always a straight forward thing.  The decision of what style of cage, what length, what size ring are just buy a few of the questions most people have when choosing a cock cage best suited to their needs.  

We've taken a moment to look at what cages are available and picked our favourites this year across 8 different categories.  So whatever your preference, we're confident that we have a great chastity cage for you!

 Summary of best Chastity Cages 2022

  1. Best chastity cage for beginners

  2. Best short steel Chastity Cage 

  3. Best short Cock Cage

  4. Best large Steel Chastity Cage

  5. Best CBT Cock Ring

  6. Best enclosed Chastity Cage

  7. Best open Chastity Cage

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Cock Clamp - Best chastity cage for beginners

This chastity cage is perfect for beginners

Cock Clamp is a high quality plastic cage with an array of differently sized rings in the box.  When people buy their first chastity cage, the most difficult part about the process is getting the right size of ring.  That is why we believe that your first cage should include different sizes to let you test how it feels having tighter and looser fitting rings.

Available in 3 colours, black, pink and clear, it offers an aesthetic choice too whilst the included plastic travel locks mean that you can wear it through metal detectors as you go on a kinky holiday!  With breakable holes along the shaft and a very affordable price point, this cock cage is an absolute star buy for beginners. 

Lock Down - Best Small Steel Chastity Cage

This chastity cage is our favourite small cage

We love Lock Down.  It's been in the range since day 1 and with good reason.  A sturdy little cage made from steel at a great price point.  It measures just over 1 inch in length and when fitted to you, you can be sure that you're not going to be getting an erection any time soon!

Available in your choice of three ring sizes, you can get get the perfect fit and enjoy being squeezed into a small yet comfortable cock cage.  You'll notice that it makes use of diagonal steel bars resembling the classic image of a jail cell, which will allow just a tiny bit of stimulation on your skin, however that's the most you can hope for while locked in this great cage. 

V4 Nub - Best Small Chastity Cage

This chastity cage is our pick for best small cock cage

It wouldn't be a top list without mentioning the V4 Nub, the most popular chastity cage out there in recent years.  Evolving over many years, this is the 4th iteration of a great idea and the best design to date.  Unlike the previous cage in the list, this one isn't made from steel but instead a firm resin which is lightweight but almost as hard as steel.

Packed with 4 different ring sizes, their design allows the cage to grip the body like no other, and the short cage is extremely comfortable whilst being completely restrictive.  The angle of the V4 is more comfortable than its predecessors and the opening at the end of the tube is a little larger and better placed allowing for easy urination whilst wearing.

Bird Cage - Best Large Chastity Cage

this is the best large chastity cage for men

Bird cage is another cock cage that has been around since the early days.  This classic has featured in more kinky femdom movies than any other so it may look rather familiar!  A large steel cage with narrow bars, it allows a lot more room within it than others both in length and diameter.

Over 4 inches in length, it's designed for those who are amongst the well endowed when flaccid.  It's natural shape and smooth bars makes it comfortable for long term wear.  It's a clear stand out amongst larger chastity cages and easily wins our top pick. 

Kalis Teeth - Best CBT Cock Ring 

The best cock ring for BDSM play.

This locking cock ring is something crafted in the depths of hell.  A bit of a legend in the BDSM world, Kalis Teeth has 4 rows of steel teeth waiting to dig into your tender parts. What's worse, when it's on, it can be padlocked into place making it rather hard to get out of!

Whilst CBT is not the same as male chastity, within the community there is often cross over with other types of play and CBT is a popular one.  Kalis teeth is the benchmark of such devices and as such makes a great accessory to elevate your normal play to another level. 

V4 Maxi - Best enclosed chastity cage

this is the best enclosed chastity cage to buy

So what do we mean by enclosed.  Sure all cages have an opening at the end but whilst most have a degree of opening along the shaft, some simply do not.  This takes away any chance of sensation on your now under stimulated parts and takes the wearer into a realm of total denial of pleasure.

Our pick for the best enclosed chastity cage comes from the hugely popular V4 range, in this case the Maxi, the largest of those cages.  Unlike the Nub, this has a longer shaft allowing for a more natural position for your man parts, but completely strangles them from every side should you try to get an erection.  The cage is made from hard resin and sits very comfortably against the body throughout the day. 

Classic Steel - Best open chastity cage

Best open chastity cage made from steel

Our pick of the best chastity cage with open design had to go the Classic Steel.  It's an absolute master piece of a chastity cage, crafted to an extremely high quality with an open bar design that allows stimulation to the wearer in a limited way, this cage carries its name for a reason.

As a 3 inch chastity cage, it is around mid point in terms of size and suitable for a wide audience, it's always received praise for it's comfort and build quality and we think that for people who do not want to completely cut all sensation, this one is hard to beat.


We've made our selections but everyone is different.  Do you like a particular style? Stuck making a choice between two chastity cages? Well fear not, our team of chastity enthusiasts are here for you.  Feel free to reach out to us with your remarks or questions on 

Updated! The 2023 list is now in, click here to read about our favourite chastity cages of 2023.

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