Comparing the Cobra cock cage range

Updated for 2024 with subtle redesign and a change of composition. The core material is stronger than in previous years, allowing us to take away some reinforced design lines on the cage and bring it in around 10% lighter than before whilst being 100% stronger. This lightweight makes it perfect for every-day wear and with a range of sizes available, it's a fantastic cage to stay with you on your chastity journey in years to come.

Cobra Nub

Sizing down goals

The smallest entry in the Cobra chastity cage range is the Cobra Nub, a tiny 1-inch cage that is sure to be a challenge for all. But an admirable challenge it is. Can you size down to this length of cage successfully? Some jump in at the deep end and go straight for the nub, but others wisely start further up the range then gradually reduce the size of their cage until they are able to fit in the nub.

Cobra Nub Black

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Cobra Nano

Restrictive and sexy

We aren't quite yet at the 1-inch size, the Cobra Nano gives you that form that resembles a larger cage but is still seriously compact. The cage element measures around an inch and a half whilst the whole kit sits just over 2 inches in length when fitted. The downward turn keeps it subtle under clothing and eye wateringly sexy when on display.

Cobra Nano Black

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Cobra Small

The perfect cage?

Not a question we would throw about lightly but there is a genuine case to be made to say the Cobra Small chastity cage may be the perfect cage. Small but not tiny, ensuring that it'll be a tight and comfortable cage for the majority of the population, lovely elongated lines make it aesthetically very pleasing. Comfort is key with these cages, the curved rings are ergonomically designed to fit against the contours of the male body. The black cage comes in at $49.99 and the pink cage at $54.99, it's one heck of an all rounder.

Cobra Small Pink

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Cobra Standard

Chastity with many use cases

By the time we get to the Cobra Standard, the sizing has gone from a minuscule 1 inch to a well proportioned 3.7 inches in total length. So who would be the ideal candidate for this cage? We would say there are 3 ideal candidates for this cage. First up the beginners, perhaps you've not been caged before and find it a little daunting. Let's focus more on comfort in the initial instance. You can always go down. Then we have the naturally well endowed... let that guy breathe a little. Finally does your key holderwant to let you grow just a little? Then this is a great cage for you. An average 6-inch male can start growing inside this cage before it stops them making them vulnerable to teasing whilst caged.

Cobra Standard Black

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Cobra Maxi

One for the big boys

A bit sturdy cage that is comfortable to wear without weighing you down the way a 4 inch steel cage would? Then Cobra Maxi is the perfect candidate. 'Enjoy' penetrative sex whilst wearing this cage. Unlike other cock cages, the Maxi has enough shaft length to allow you to get some action that other, shorter cages simply don't allow. However, it goes without saying that this would be a decision for your keyholder, not you.

Cobra Maxi Pink

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