The best chastity cages this year

Did you know that locking your cock up in chastity for your partner is actually very commonplace and growing in popularity? Have you ever fantisized about taking the plunge and trying on a chastity cage? If you have then you are in the right place, if you haven't...well... you're in the right place as we'll soon spark an interest in you. But where to start? There are so many shapes and sizes of chastity cages out there that it's hard to know what you should be investing in. Fortunately we're here to keep you right, it's time to get extra kinky with our pick of the best chastity cages you can buy and try this year.

Cobra Small Cock Cage

Pretty in pink

The Cobra cages have taken the chastity world by storm over the last couple of years. The design is truly comfortable the, the cage extremely hard to escape. It's a beautiful cage at a great price. New this year is the pink cage, available in all the sizes you would expect from the Cobra range, Nub, Nano, Small, Standard, and Maxi.

Our choice today is the Cobra small as it sits in the middle of the range, a great option for the average sized male. Sure, if you are a larger fella, you can start of with the Standard or even the Maxi. We love the prospect of starting in the middle of the range and over time advancing our chastity game by sizing down a cage at a time... kinky stuff!

Cobra Small in pink

Buy Now $54.99

The Classic Steel chastity cage

Strong as steel

There is nothing gimmicky about the Classic Steel chastity cage, rather this is the result of ongoing refinement of a style going back to the first steel cages ever made. The craftsmanship is high level, made from high grade stainless steel, reinforcing exactly what the 'cage' in chastity cage is all about. Getting perfect reviews across the board, if your serious about chastity then we highlight recommend you check this one out.

Classic Steel cage

Buy Now $49.99

CB6000 Silicone Chastity Cage

Just getting started

Not everybody is ready for a heavy steel cage or to be squashed into the smallest of cock cages. We love beginners and for many years the CB6000 design has been starting curious men on their chastity journeys. The ridiculously low price that is available makes this your perfect gateway to the lifestyle.

Solid aesthetic with a classic design, you can even find this one in pink if you want to look extra pretty for Mistress. If you want something smaller, also remember to have a look at the CB6000S, the shorter variant of the same design.

CB6000 in black silicone

Buy Now $34.99

The Pink Pussy chastity cage

Getting into feminization

Chastity goes well with many forms of BDSM play, we like to think of it as the seasoning to a meal of kink. With a few style choices you can dive headlong into the world of feminization and see your cock transformed into a small and swollen pussy.

We love that this cage comes with differently sized rings in the box, check out the product specifications for all the important info. Beware though, your partner might like the 'new you', a little too much and once they see you wearing this there may not be any going back!

Pink Pussy Cage

Buy For $49.99

Lock Down small chastity cage

Keeping it short and simple

You want a small and sturdy chastity cage and you don't want to break the bank. At only $39.99, Lock Down is a popular cage surpassed by only a select few. It's slightly bulbed end, the head of your penis will swell into the space, exposed at it's most vulnerable and sensitive.

If you want to go small, we think you need this chastity cage in your collection.

Lock Down chastity cage

Buy Now $39.99
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