Cage de chasteté is the French term for chastity cage

Chastity Cages Around The World

Today we have a language lesson for you all.  Don't say we don't teach you anything here!  Whilst in English speaking countries we refer to our chastity cages either as that or as slight variations such as cock cages or chastity devices, in other parts of the world the name is drastically different.  Here is a handful of our favourites!


France: Cage de chasteté

Trust the French to make anything sound classy and sexy.  The cage de chasteté seems popular in various regions around France such as Paris as well as Brittany and Lorraine.  A particular concentration of searches for the 'cage de chasteté' comes from Lorraine, a region in the north east of the country, bordering with Germany, and that might well be the reason.  Germany seems to account for twice as many visits to our site as France does.  Perhaps this aligns with the perception many of us have about Germany and its embrace of bdsm practices.


Germany: Keuschheitskäfig

None of us can pronounce it.  If any of you out there can help us with that then please get in touch! Like we mentioned, we have a significant amount of visits and orders from our friends in Germany and we do believe that as a whole they are very open to experimenting with the broad spectrum of interesting sexual practices out there.  


Spain: Jaula de castidad

One of the languages of love, the Spanish know passion.  We have a sense that there is a growing interest in Spain and we're seeing nearly as many Spaniards coming to our store now as we are French.  With searches growing in recent years it seems we have population with a growing curiosity about chastity or 'castidad' continues to grow.


If you are from anywhere around the world that has a localised way to say 'chastity cage', please write in and we'll update this article with your user submissions!  

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