Cobra Chastity Cage Range

Cobra Chastity Cage Range

The Cobra Chastity cage is a relatively new design of cage, slightly more complex than silicone resin cages of past which generally consisted of a simple, moulded design.  The Cobra range enjoy a more ergonomic design permitted by 3d printing technologies and despite their lightweight feel, they are exceptionally strong cages.

This month we've welcomed four different versions of the Cobra chastity cage into our store, each perfect for a particular kind of person.  Read on to see more about one of the hottest chastity cages of the year.

mamba nub chastity cage

Cobra Nub - A tiny chastity cage

Much like the legendary V4 Nub chastity cage this cage is not much more than a bump in your underwear.  The body measuring at a mere 1 inch, it's a cage for those who want to have their manhood completely suppressed. 

The four included rings measuring from 36mm to 52mm will give you plentiful options to find the perfect fit to hold it firmly in place against the body.

Length: 62 mm / 2.3 inches

Perfect for: The chastity masochist

nano chastity cage for men

Cobra Nano - A very small cock cage 

Whoever was the first person to think up Nub sized cage was feeling just slightly kinder on the day they designed the Nano, and only very slightly.  The Nano cock cage is in essence the same design with a few millimetres added to allow a downward curve to be built into the cage, but far from enough size to make a considerable difference.

The two pins between the cage and the rings fit extremely neatly, minimising any movement between ring and cage, whilst the gap between said cage and ring is also very neat.  This ensures that the wearer doesn't have the room to squeeze their testicles through the gap, making escape virtually impossible.

Length: 70mm / 2.7 inches

Perfect for: Those wanting to challenge themselves

The cobra small v6 cock cage

Cobra Small - A comfortable chastity cage 

Talk about perfect balance.  Cobra Small is a chastity cage which just get's it right for those of a roughly average size.  Small but not too small.  Breathable gaps but nothing resembling freedom.  This chastity cage a superb option for those wanting to squeeze into something that will be comfortable for long term wear whilst also subtle under clothing.

The stealth lock sits comfortably inside a cylinder on top of the cage, nestled close to the body.  This design is regarded as superior to the old fashioned padlock which tends to rattle about and rub against the body.  Like the other cages in the range it comes with 4 ring size options in the pack.

Length: 90mm / 3.5 inches

Perfect for: The man around the office

long 3d printed chastity cage

Cobra Maxi - A generously proportioned cock cage

We were extremely excited to bring another larger option to the range.  The majority of chastity cages are at the smaller end of the scale for reasons such as subtlety while wearing, the notion of forcing the wearer to have a smaller appendage, so larger cages are typically underrepresented. 

The Maxi joins other cages like the classic Bird Cage or V4 Maxi in being a cock cage over 4 inches in length, with breathable gaps along the length of the cage, ideal for comfort and long term wear.

Length: 110mm / 4.3 inches

Perfect For: Mr well endowed

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