A look of shock at achieving a ruined orgasm where the man doesn't get to enjoy the pleasure.

How to ruin an orgasm

And why it's a great idea!...


So you want to ruin an orgasm or have your orgasm ruined. Either way someone is cumming and not getting the full orgasm experience. 


 Like we talked about previously, ruined orgasms are another layer on orgasm control which can be used as a method of punishment, i.e. ruining an orgasm that had been earned by the chaste submissive or for the harsher dominants it might be the only method of release they make available to the submissive.


 In either situation though the technique will be similar and the more turned on and sensitive the submissives cock is, the easier it is to ruin an orgasm, sometimes with as little as a touch. Picture being locked up for a prolonged period of time without release just think you are finally getting to cum and enjoy it to see all that stored up cum pour out at the hands of your key holder without getting the enjoyment that you so longed. Heartbreaking...but equally compelling.


Knowing when not to stimulate


At the core of ruining an orgasm is removing contact and therefore stimulation just at the point that the ejaculation starts but before the pleasure kicks in. You might not have noticed but these two things happen slightly apart, the pleasure of the orgasm will only be possible with continued stimulation throughout the ejaculation and the pleasure response starts circa a second after the ejaculation response does. 


 Those who are well practiced will also tell you that the ejaculation starts well before you see any cum. If you see a video where someone removes the hand from the cock which then proceeds to twitch for a few seconds before cum starts to pour out, that's a very well executed ruined orgasm. 


 That kind of level of perception from the one in charge requires practice. An intimate knowledge of your body language so it's quite common and certainly advisable in the early stages of chastity play and orgasm control to actually take some time with your partner to practice. Let them get used to testing taking you to the edge and practicing what it takes to put you over the edge. You'll find they develop that intuitive read on you that is required to execute a ruined orgasm whenever they feel like it. 


 Don't just be restricted to the hand as the method though, get creative! Magic wand vibrators are particularly effective on a sensitive cock that has been caged, held lightly under the head of the penis it can achieve effective results too, again emphasising the timing of removing stimulation.


A caged ruin


Ever ruined an orgasm whilst your sub is in a cage?! And to think he didn't even get out before his orgasm was ruined...boohoo! There is occasion when the chaste is so sensitive that it's possible to make them cum simply by touch through any spaces they may be lucky enough to have in their cage. Ok so it might take a while of denial before they are that sensitive but if they are desperate enough to cum then they should really learn to at the slightest touch right? 


 Should you happen to have a magic wand vibrator, you could ruin them whenever you feel like it by placing the wand between his balls and the underside of his caged shaft. Gradually increase the power until you're satisfied that enough vibration is penetrating the cage to the sensitive underside of his cock. Once this happens it won't be long until he loses control and is left of course, rather unsatisfied. Be sure to make him thank you too! 


 The following cages are ideal for such purposes, with just enough gaps in them to allow some stimulation through.

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