Introducing:  The Micro Chastity Cage

Introducing: The Micro Chastity Cage

Micro Chastity Cage

- An extremely small chastity cage

 "He struggled to squeeze into the micro chastity cage measuring only 1 inch in length"


It's tough to give an exact limit to the length of cage that qualifies as a micro chastity cage, however we would say that anything around the 1 inch mark fulfils the criteria.

For many the notion of fitting into something so small is a cause for concern, both at the physical difficulty many expect to encounter trying to fit and also in comprehending the idea that their penis will become somewhat more integrated with their body. 

When it comes to fitting your penis into small spaces you may be amazed at how adaptable the human body is.  The basic problem of fitting a chastity cage exists here, wherein paradoxically you need your penis placid and malleable to get it into a cage but physically have to handle it to do so and this of course can be an issue when squeezing into a smaller cage.  Don't expect to pop a tiny chastity cage on in seconds.. if you are someone easily aroused it could be a much longer process.  

A very small chastity worn by men

The rings for tiny small cages do not differ from their larger counterparts, only the cage element is shorter.  Once the ring is in place, the wearer could expect to have to slowly press the cage down on their member over the course of minutes until it accepts the space that you are offering it.  This is where some will be surprised how well they can adapt to such a cage.

Once in the cage, there is a real difference between other cages mentally more than anything.  With a cage fitting so close to the body, your penis will no longer 'hang', but rather squeezed up against you it loses it's phallic shape, a very powerful symbolism especially if your key holder wants to enforce the sense that they have taken your manhood away from you.

We've become rather well known for our range of small chastity cages as we have a particularly good choice.  To see chastity cages of all sizes click here.


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