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The Smallest Chastity Cages

Chastity cages come in all shapes and sizes, well, ok, generally they bear a vaguely phallic shape, however there is a surprising variety of styles within that spectrum.  It must be said though that the smallest cages are our most popular, in fact we have an entire section dedicated them here.  

It is generally thought that the smaller the cage, the more humiliating it is for the chaste man trapped within it.  With many of these cages only 1 inch in total length, it all but removes the penis from him, least not any ability to use said penis.  So when trapped in a small chastity cage, the man loses all ability to have the most manly of things, an erection.

In some cases these super small chastity cages allow some visibility of the man within them and at this length the most you will be able to see is the head of the penis, such as in the image above.  Equally some of our super small cages completely cover the head meaning not only have you lost use of your prized parts, you've also lost sight of them.  The cage pictured below has been massively popular since day one, largely for that reason.  There is something mentally infectious about not being able to see and whether that is by choice or otherwise it certainly brings an edge to chastity play.

a small chastity cage made from steel

On the flip side, you can look at something very minimal such as slender bar arrangement as we see with 'Short Bars', a very small steel chastity cage (pictured below).  An arrangement such as this allows for more control over the sensory experience of the chaste slave.  Keep in mind that a locked but yet exposed penis head is a very very sensitive organ.  A couple of weeks locked firmly within said cage will be sure to increase their sensitivity to the slightest touch to unbearable levels.

Using the smallest chastity cages doesn't just mean forgetting about the penis.  Yes it greatly restricts it more than those longer more naturally shaped cages but the mental and physical dynamic shift opens up more options than you might initially think

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Smallest Steel chastity cages

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