The V4 chastity collection

The V4 chastity collection

Super short pink chastity cage with lock

If there is one way to summarise the V4 collection of chastity cages, it would be.. you're not getting out.  Yes they are secure, crazily secure.  And their rings with new updated design will grip your genitals harder than an angry mistress.

There are three cages in the V4 collection, the ever famous  V4 Nub, a tiny cage, almost sadistically short. The V4 Small, a bit bigger but still massively restrictive. Last but not least, the V4 Maxi, for those who simply cannot be squeezed into a smaller cage.

The V4 Nub, was, and still is, a ridiculously popular chastity cage.  Updated from its predecessor, it remains the same length but is more ergonomically designed than before, the wider rings making it grip the body better and the angle of connection between cage and ring making for a more comfortable fit.

A 2 inch pink chastity cage designed to lock onto a man securely.

We see those same design changes being applied to the rest of the V4 range.  With the V4 Small, you still see a cage which looks like a more naturally developed penis, with a full head.  

Don't let that fool you into thinking that this is going to be roomy, let alone allow a partial erection.  This cage is not quite double the length of the V4 Nub and will immediately clamp down on arousal, shaping your member within it's solid grip.

All the V4 cages are made from a hard resin, this means that they feel like a high quality plastic, but more robust, with the absolute rigidity of steel.  They also come with a variety of ring sizes, so regardless of which colour you want, or which length you choose, you'll have 4 different ring sizes in the box, allowing you to find the perfect fit.

The V4 maxi chastity cage is designed for larger endowed submissive men.

The most recent addition to the range is the V4 Maxi.  We characterised it as a cage for those who simply couldn't fit in the smaller cages and in essence that is true.  Whilst we like to see our customers squeezed and compressed into the smallest possible chastity cage they can fit into, sometimes it's just not possible.

The V4 Maxi, takes all of the qualities of it's little brothers and puts them into a generously proportioned cage section.  As before, the rings don't change, but we are confident we have a solution for those slightly more well endowed, who now can be strictly locked up like everybody else!

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