Keys and padlocks that are used for locking male chastity cages.

What is male chastity?

And how it can transform your relationship...


You're not alone, not even remotely. Chastity is a relationship secret far more common than you might think, I bet at least one of your friends is practicing! So the obvious point to make is about the cage.  Yes chastity tends to involve a cage or physical restriction of some sort but the actual term is far broader than just the chastity cage. 


 It's about a power exchange within a relationship where one is in essence in charge or your orgasms and sometimes even more, whilst the other enjoys giving up that control to that special person they trust. The chastity cage plays a double role, one which is both physical and symbolic. The nature of the cage acting as a physical restriction when it comes to hand/cock contact and the symbolism of your other half being the holder of the key is a dizzying and intoxicating mix of sexual tension and frustration. 


 When you decide on trying out chastity (and we have a blog about how to approach that topic), you enter new territory in your relationship where you hand over a significant amount of control to your other half. Whilst traditionally there was religious connotations of chastity being a virtuous deed, refraining from sex to be a 'better person', these days it's firmly embedded in the kink community who have taken it from simply not having sex to making it very much about sex. 


 You might think that engaging in chastity within your relationship would mean simply less sex, this is far from the case as both participants actually have a tendency to think about sex more. The wearer of a chastity cage will invariably think about sex more because of the constant compression of a cage around their cock, which when they think about it, will make them hornier which in turn compresses more...the cycle goes on. The dominant will equally be more engaged sexually as they'll always be aware of the control they have over you and typically will find ways to tease you, pleasure them to use some of that power that they have over you.It's very hard to say chastity is x, y, or z as realistically it's going to be something different for each and every one of you. 


 However it is safe to say that it's an explosive mix of physical and mental stimulation like you've never previously experienced. Give it a go and let us know your opinions.

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