The Best Chastity Cages 2023

The Best Chastity Cages 2023

In the ever-evolving world of sexual wellness and exploration, chastity cages have gained increasing popularity for individuals and couples seeking to redefine intimacy and explore their boundaries. As we step into 2023, the market is ripe with innovative designs, premium materials, and cutting-edge features that cater to a diverse range of preferences. In this article, we'll unveil the top chastity cages of 2023, designed to provide comfort, security, and an unforgettable journey into the world of chastity play.

Unlocking Pleasure and Control: The Best Chastity Cages of 2023

Chastity cages aren't just tools for restraint; they're gateways to newfound pleasure, trust, and self-discovery. Whether you're new to the world of chastity or a seasoned enthusiast, our carefully curated selection of the finest chastity cages will cater to your desires and preferences. From stylish and secure designs to high-quality materials, the year 2023 brings a wave of innovation, offering an array of options for those looking to embrace the art of control and surrender in the bedroom.

  1. Best chastity cage for beginners

  2. Best steel Chastity Cage 

  3. Best short Cock Cage

  4. Best large Chastity Cage

  5. Best CBT Cock Ring

  6. Best lightweight Chastity Cage

  7. Best new Chastity Cage of 2023

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A great chastity cage for beginners

CB series - Best chastity cage for beginners

 What can we say about the CB series of chastity cages that hasn't been said one thousand times before.  These cages have been around since the early days of male chastity and have stood the test of time fantastically.  

Centered around a simple design with adjustable rings, this version in soft silicone is a fantastic cage for a beginner who wants to experiment with sizing and the fitting of their cage whilst remaining comfortable.  

What's more, it's available from only $34.99, which for someone starting out is one heck of a deal!

High quality mens steel chastity cage

Classic Steel - Best Steel Chastity Cage

This cage is one of the more premium cages available, crafted from stainless steel with high quality finishing as well as a beautiful curved ring which hugs the contours of the male body, Classic Steel is a monster amongst the steel chastity cage category.

The bar design is used by a number of cages because of breathability which of course greatly helps in both comfort and hygiene.  The added benefit which you'll be thrilled about, but your partner perhaps won't, is the spaces between the bars allow just the slightest stimulation to your locked up parts.

The best short chastity cage of 2023, measuring 0.5 inches in length.

The Gentleman - Best Small Chastity Cage

Touted as one of the shortest chastity cages in the world, the Gentleman will set you straight.  Essentially taking away your manhood in the most elegant way, your life will never be the same again once you are locked into this cage.

It's hard to measure cages at this size range as they basically consist of their ring and a centimetre more, making this around half an inch in length.

Crafted from high quality steel, the locking mechanism uses special locking key to securely bolt the cage onto the body. The ring is slightly curved making it sit comfortably and tightly against the natural shape of the body.

The V4 maxi is one of the best large chastity cages for men.

V4 Maxi - Best Large Chastity Cage

V4 Maxi is ideal for someone who cannot be compressed comfortably into a smaller cage but still wants that security and imprisonment that so many of us are enjoying.

The Maxi measures 3.2 inches in length and has more internal space than many other cages of that length due to having the bulbed tip.  The closed design means that there is absolutely nowhere to go and the range of flat sided rings will also ensure minimal movement on you as you wear it.  Extremely secure, extremely sexy.

The most popular cock ring for CBT play.

Kalis Teeth - Best CBT Cock Ring

For the second year running (and probably longer if we had been doing these awards prior) the Kalis Teeth is the undisputed king of the lockable cock rings.  This legend of the industry is a heavy duty steel ring with multiple sharp spikes inset so that when it locks onto it's prey, you are in for an experience.

What's more, there is actually two versions of Kali's teeth.  Most people who have heard of it would recognise it as 4 rows of teeth but there is also a narrower version with 2 rows of teeth.  Both come with padlock so that only your partner or Dom/Domme can release you when they are satisfied. 

The Cobra chastity cage is a popular lightweight cage for men.

Cobra Small - Best lightweight chastity cage

Cobra cages have are available in an extensive range of sizes, spanning Nub sizes to Maxi cages for those who require something oversized.  For the best lightweight cage of the year though, we have selected the Small variant of the Cobra chastity cage.

3d printed, it is extremely lightweight even at the larger sizes and with the Small measuring in at around 3.5 inches, it's a size that will fit many people extremely well.  The accompanying rings are also created in the same way with the only non resin component being the copper lock inserted through it when closing the cage shut.

A chastity cage in the shape of a women's anatomy.

Pink Pussy - Best New chastity cage of 2023

When talking about new and innovative designs in the world of male chastity this year, there is one which comes to mind for us and that is Pink Pussy.  This ultra short cage comes in pink and is designed to resemble a women's anatomy. 

Whether sissy play or feminization is present in your chastity lifestyle or whether it just adds a little extra flavour to your day to day, this creative cage has been outrageously popular with submissives this year.  The cage itself is another which comes with multiple ring sizes included so you can be sure that you'll find a fit which is just right. 


Whilst we have nominated our favourites in several different categories, we have many many more cages available to you.  Do you prefer one style in particular?  Head on over to our categories page and see the multiple cage options you have in any given category. Got more questions? Well fear not, our team of chastity experts are here for you.  Feel free to reach out to us with your remarks or questions on 

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