The Nub V3 male chastity cage in black.

The Nub - Chastity Suffering

This small but intimidating chastity cage has already surfaced in our article titled "The most popular chastity cages of 2020" - Found here.  This showed that a whole load of our customers were not scared away by this little guy, but in fact so intrigued that it was purchased by more of our customers during the now past year than any other cage in our range, short or long.  So the question is, do these people know what they have let themselves in for...?

The most obvious aspect of the Nub at first glance is the short body.  Indeed it only measures circa 1 inch in length, which begs the question, how do you fit inside it?  It may be a just expectation that only the shortest of the population would be able to fit into such a short chastity cage but well..that isn't quite the case.  The male appendage is surprisingly malleable when flaccid and as such all manner of shapes and sizes will indeed fit into The Nub, squeezed and reformed by it's constraints, you'll have no choice but to submit and conform to this cage.  

Neither is that not to say it isn't comfortable, being so compressed isn't particularly uncomfortable.  You'll have a generously proportioned hole at the end of the cage from which to take care of your toiletry needs and remain hygienic, and the extreme small size of the cage will completely eliminate your ability to have an erection.  Unlike other cages where you start to bulge out and strain against it as a partial erection is possible, with the Nub you can't reach that stage as it securely clamps your penis to your body.


Talking of 'securely', The Nub is probably the most secure chastity cage in our range for a couple of reasons.  Firstly the cage and ring have a small clearance distance meaning that there is less room for your testicles to squeeze between the parts of the cage when it is fitted into place.  Secondary to that have a look at the lip on the upper side of the cage behind the lock.  That presses slightly back against the groin area, creating a closer seal with the body.  When this cage is locked onto you, chances are even if highly motivated to get your's staying right where it is.

A popular small pink chastity cage called The Nub.

Color options appear to be part of the popularity of this chastity device too, with it available in pink, black and clear options.  You could conclude that each have their own attributes in a way.

The clear cage allows both the wearer and the key holder to view every bit of the cock pressed up against the cage, which for many is a source of arousal.  The black cage offers a sexy minimalistic look with the penis contained within, not getting to see the light of day, whilst the pink cage takes on a feminine look, ideal for feminisation and sissy play. 

With a unique blend of attributes as well as 4 different ring sizes packaged with every order, we fully expect this great small chastity cage to remain a best-seller into 2021.

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