Spiked Chastity cage that locks

Checking out a silicone chastity cage with spikes

A securely fitting spiked silicone chastity cage

We thought it was about time we offered a closer look at one of our cruelest chastity cages, the Spiked Predicament.  A cage designed to be lightweight, cruel and extra secure, this silicone cage is a little different to the others in the range.

Unlike other cages you will see that the ring is always attached to the body of the cage, they do not fully separate, not only that but it is also a broader ring than others which creates a more secure fit with less travel from the ring when being worn.  

If you look closely you'll see that once the cage is on, a further silicone wrap is tighly wound around the exterior of the ring before being buckled and then subsequently locked.  We have many cages that the design contributes to them being extremely difficult to escape from such as The Nub, but we reckon this one could be the most challenging and if it fits snugly..possibly impossible.

But let us not overlook the key feature to this cage.  Inside the body there is over a dozen sharp silicone spikes, not hard enough to cause injury but certainly enough to cause significant discomfort and pain to the head of an aroused penis.   

Looking into a spiked chastity cage that tortures the wearer when they get aroused

And that gets to the crux of what this silicone chastity cage is all about.  It's about more than physically controlling the man, it's about mentally controlling him too.  Like electrical shock technique it creates a dynamic where punishment is applied for having certain thoughts.  The physical arousal that comes with such thoughts will very quickly have you pressed up against the spikes and regretting the thoughts that brought you to that point.

So a great teacher in self control, it's also a tool that a key holder, mistress, master or play partner with a sadistic streak can utilise.  Being that the cage is soft silicone it can be squeezed and those spikes will bear down on you, aroused or not.  So if you bringing an extra dimension to your chastity play, we thoroughly recommend this beautifully put together cage which is available in clear white as well as a range of colours.  You can check out Spiked Predicament silicone chastity cage here!

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