The top 5 pink chastity cages

5 Pink Chastity Cages

Pretty in pink.  Thats a term that the 99% will never have heard in this context but when your dominant locks you up in pink chastity cage its a compliment you can expect to hear often.  

So how did you end up here, locked in a pink cage, pink ribbon bow optional.  Many dominants enjoy throwing a little humiliation into the mix with their submissive, perhaps forcing the wearing of a pink cage over the submissive preferred colour, thus reminding them who is in control.  Often the submissive is a more willing participant, with the couple embracing the feminine connotations of the colour, perhaps less focused on humiliation and more on the caring dynamic that often emerges.  

Look, whatever the reason, pink is pretty and we want to make sure you have a great selection of pink cages to choose from in silicone, plastic and resin, so here are 5 of our favourites.  You can look at our pink chastity cages category here.

smallest pink chastity cage

The Nub - Smallest Pink Chastity Cage

Let's kick it off with our tiny tiny 1 inch cage extraordinaire, The Nub.  It's a super secure chastity cage that fits extremely closely to the body. The design of the hole is particularly popular with the angle and size of the hole being particularly comfortable and useful in day to day use.

If you are looking for a stealthy chastity cage that will not show under clothing then this is your guy!   The soft pink shade coupled with the complete compression of any erection will draw compliments for sure!

cb6000 is a pink chastity cage made of soft silicone

CB6000 - Classic pink chastity

A timeless design, the standard length CB6000 is a great all rounder that has stood up well over the years.  The body of the cage is crafted from a soft silicone with a good deal of flex, however given that the lock is still steel, you're not going to be getting any extra freedom.

Another of our cages that comes with adjustable ring sizes, the CB6000 is great for your first foray into male chastity.  

Cheap pink chastity cage in pink

Closure - A great starter cage

If you're trying to find your way into the chastity lifestyle and want the most bang for your buck then Closure is a fantastic option.  Only $29.99, it comes with multiple rings allowing you to find the perfect size and get used to the feeling of being locked up.

This cage is a fairly generous length of 3.5 inches with a little extra room at the head.  Keep an eye out for the short version also available if you wish to be more restricted, coming in at 2.75 inches and also available at the same great $29.99 price point.

beautiful pink chastity cage for sissies

Cock Clamp - Clever chastity cage design

A more 'designed' plastic chastity cage than Closure, Cock Claim is a beautiful cage with air holes along the body of the cage.  This cage gives you everything you need with different ring sizes in the box so you can test how tightly you want it fitted and experiment with different sizes.

A little longer than the others on the list, if you are seeking a cage that is a little less restrictive, then this one at slightly over 4 inches in length is a worthy option.


pink chastity cage with spikes inside.

Spiked predicament - A chastity cage for the naughty

We were saving something a little sadistic for last.  The spiked predicament is a soft silicone chastity cage in a beautiful shade of slightly translucent pink.  And whilst yes, we said soft silicone, soft or not, those sharp barbs on the inside of the cage will not feel soft as you swell against them!

A wide ring keeps it very secure, not moving much, the soft texture has more friction against the skin, griping the body stronger than plastic rings. If you can take a little pain, or should we say, deserve a little pain, then this one is exactly what you have been looking for.

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